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Canadian Haskap prides itself on working with the best Haskap growers in Canada. Affiliated farms range from small boutique family run Haskap orchard's to large Canada Gap certified producers. All of our farmers meet or exceed local or national standards for safe food. With a unparalleled grading standard we can offer our clients the best tasting Haskap berries on the market today

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Fresh picked haskap from the farm to your table in under 24 hours. great for snacking on the go or blend into a smoothie for that burst of healthy nutrition

Available in bulk and individual packages picked at the perfect ripeness. Flash frozen berries suitable for large scale processing or your freezer at home for a tasty addition to your recipe.


250 ml jars of the most versatile compote ever. Fantastic on a melted Brie or spoon it on French vanilla ice cream. So good, so many ways to treat yourself

I love the Haskap Compote! A perfect balance of sweet and tart with a beguiling intensity of flavour. The taste of blueberry-blackcurrant-saskatoon is delicious. I've been enjoying it on ice cream and also (being English) on toast for breakfast instead of my usual marmalade. Thanks again for letting me try it.

All the best,


James Chatto

Head Judge Canadian Culinary Championship Toronto

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